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Upcoming Event

Building Your Conflict Management Toolbox
Wednesday, September 13
noon-1 p.m.
UMSON, Room 150

Explore five different conflict styles and when to use them in your life at this program presented by Laurelyn Irving, PhD, ombudsperson, University of Maryland, Baltimore. By planning which tool to use before a discussion, you can more effectively express yourself and communicate what you need.


The UMSON Staff Council provides a forum where staff can address and discuss issues that are important to them.

‌The Staff Council acts as an advisory council to the dean and the administration to share concerns. Staff Council promotes professional development through seminars and programs to enhance the personal well-being of staff. Additionally, Staff Council fosters a spirit of cooperation, professionalism, and integrity with a dedication to honest and open communication.

The Staff Council serves as a channel of communication to the dean in the areas of policy and procedures that affect the quality of the staff's work life and their level of contribution to the strategic goals of the campus. The Staff Senate was begun in 1994 and since has researched many areas of concern for staff members.

Topics of investigation and action include, but are not limited to, policies and procedures affecting eligible employees; work environment and staff morale; issues impacting wages, benefits, and working conditions; and community/outreach activities.


  • Richmond, Jeffrey - President
  • Hines, Angie - President Elect
  • Bozylinski-Bulos, Khristine - Secretary
  • Patel, Anup - Treasurer
  • Ash, Jeffrey
  • Atila, Linda
  • Ayuk, Ayamba
  • Coleman, Mikki
  • Hokenmaier, Sarah
  • Lovito, Phyllis
  • Novak, Kristy
  • Rowe, Jessica
  • Smith, Mishawn
  • Sullivan, Jill
  • Vikell, Lisa
  • Whiteley, Diane



Minutes, Forms, and Newsletters

Access these materials with an UMSON username and password on the Staff Council Intranet page.