Doctoral Student Organization (DSO)

About Us

‌The DSO of the University Of Maryland School Of Nursing supports doctoral students by encouraging them to engage in professional and social endeavors that will enhance educational experiences and promote leadership and organizational skills.

Mission & Vision

The mission of DSO is to support and enhance the learning, knowledge, and professional development of fellow students who are committed to making a difference in health care.

The vision of the DSO is to create a rich and vibrant community of doctoral students who lead in using evidence based practice and scholarship. The DSO is a collaborative community that fosters the development of constituents through its values of questioning, creating, changing, learning, teaching, answering, educating, researching, and caring.

Executive Board


Position Name, Program Email
President Lauren Bentley, PhD 
Vice President Stephanie Catalano, DNP 
Secretary Jessica Milone, DNP 
Ways and Means Chair (Treasurer) Knar Sagherian, PhD 
1st Year PhD Rep Stacey Iobst, PhD 
1st Year DNP Rep Tamra Hill
PhD Curriculum Rep Marik Moen, PhD
DNP Curriculum Rep Sharon Boswell, DNP 
Social Chair Alisha Hackney ajhackney@umaryland.edi
GSA Rep Toni Manuel-Monroe, DNP 
Student Affairs Rep TBD  
PhD Faculty Advisor Mary Regan 
DNP Faculty Advisor Fran Valle


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Contact Us

DSO officers can be reached via email at