Academic Services

Guided Study Sessions (GSS)

Voluntary, peer-led group sessions to study course material in an engaging and supportive environment. In addition to reviewing course concepts, students learn how to identify main ideas, synthesize course material, and study strategically. Our GSS leaders are faculty recommended and trained peer facilitators who earned an “A” in the courses they are supporting.

Private Peer Tutoring

A free service available as needed. Peer tutors are faculty-recommended students with excellent academic records; they have earned an “A” in the course in which they tutor. Private peer tutoring is offered for:

Research-Based Courses

  • NURS 316: Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NURS 452: Nursing Research for Registered Nurses
  • NRSG 790: Methods for Research and Evidence-based Practice
  • NRSG 795: Biostatistics Evidence-Based Practice

To schedule: Use this link.

BSN Courses

  • NURS 314: Physiologic and Pharmacologic Considerations for Health Promotion
  • NURS 316: Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NURS 317: Fundamentals of Nursing Care in the Context of Older Adults
  • NURS 319: Health Assessment
  • NURS 324: Pathopharmacology in Adults
  • NURS 327: Medical-Surgical Nursing in the Adult Population
  • NURS 329: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
  • NURS 411: Infant, Child, and Adolescent Nursing
  • NURS 417: Maternity, Newborn, and Women’s Health Nursing

To schedule: Visit the SSC front desk to get the tutor's contact information.

CNL Courses

  • NURS 501: Pathophysiological and Pharmacological Bases for Nursing Practice
  • NURS 503: Health Assessment Across the Lifespan
  • NURS 511: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
  • NURS 514: Medical-Surgical Nursing

To schedule: Visit the SSC front desk to get the tutor's contact information.

Academic Coaching

One-on-one coaching. The SSC staff work with the student to develop a strategic study plan for reaching academic goals. A one-hour initial appointment includes a detailed interview and an assessment of academic strengths and challenges, using a 10-point scale, 80-item learning and study strategy assessment (LASSI).

Nursing-Specific Writing Assistance

A professional writing tutor is available to students throughout the week. Students can receive assistance with grammar, American Psychological Association (APA) style, or structuring a paper.

The SSC also holds workshops on writing and APA style throughout the semester.

Medication Dosage Calculation Tutoring

A peer tutor is available to assist with understanding and improving skills with medication dosage calculation problems.

Success Workshops

Student Success Center staff offer success workshops throughout the semester and as part of the Student Success Immersion Program (SSIP) to support students as they pursue their academic goals.


Professional advisors in the SSC provide individualized, integrative, and ongoing educational support to promote academic success, career exploration, and the personal well-being of entry-into-practice nursing students. Upon admission to the BSN program or CNL option, students are assigned a professional advisor who will guide them in the development of educational plans that are consistent with their academic, personal, and professional goals. 

To ensure a comprehensive advising experience, professional advisors collaborate with administrators and faculty advisors with a wide variety of expertise who provide career mentoring upon request.