The Administrative Services Sponsored Projects Team facilitates submission of funding proposals, including application process and procedures, so investigators can concentrate on the scientific components of a proposal. Staff members provide the following services:

  • Help identify funding sources based on faculty research interest
  • Provide an online mechanism to initiate the grant submission and track the submission through the stages of internal UMSON approval (Department Chair, Associate Dean for Research, and Mock Review Panel)
  • Provide administrative assistance to maintain and update biosketches
  • Assist in preparation of a grant budget and develop subcontracts
  • Coordinate mock reviews and provide written feedback to investigators
  • Prepare final grant documents and submit the application, including sign off by the University of Maryland Office of Research and Development, and submission to the reviewing/granting agency

In addition to assisting investigators, the pre-award staff captures proposal data and tracks funding successes to better manage UMSON resources and learn best practices for successful funding applications.

Funding Proposal Review Form


Contact Steven Pease, director of contracts and grants, at or 410-706-1166.