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Research at the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) supports the overall University of Maryland (UM) Strategic Plan for interdisciplinary research.  UMSON's strong interprofessional research program includes colleagues from the UM Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law, and Social Work.  Discovery and translational science are conducted. 

UMSON's commitment to the UM research mission includes a structured support plan to develop junior research faculty members as well as shared strategic planning and governance by senior researchers. 

The UMSON Office of Research provides support for investigators in pre-award grant preparation and regulatory affairs. Post-award management is provided by UMSON's Office of Administrative Services. 

The Microbiome Conference

Microbiome flierSave the date!

September 2-3, 2014

Emory Conference Center Hotel
Atlanta, Ga.

Hosted by the University of Maryland School of Nursing and the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing at Emory University

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NIH Grant for FY2014

Principal InvestigatorGrant NumberProject TitleNIH MechanismAwarded Total Cost
Dorsey, Susan GNR01412901Centers for the Genomics of PainP302,391,539.00
Dorsey, Susan GNR010207ABDNF Signal Strength Modulates NRTI-Induced Allodynia in the MouseR01290,131.00
Dorsey, Susan G.NR010207Molecular Mechanisms of Glial Cell Modulation of Chemotherapy-Induced Painful Peripheral Neuropathy (Supplement)R011,817,146.00
Dorsey, Susan G.NR011968TrkB.T1 as a Genetic Disease Modifier of Muscular DystrophyRC22,204,914.00
Dorsey, Susan G.NR011396UMB Center for Pain StudiesP302,339,523.00
Dorsey, Susan G.NR012686Epigenetic Modifications of BDNF and trkB Genes Underlie Pain PlasticityR013,284,676.00
Galik, ElizabethAG046217Function and Behavior Focused Care for Nursing Home Residents with DementiaR011,573,375.00
Geiger-Brown, JeanneOH009979Pilot of Comprehensive Intervention to Improve Alertness in NursesR21337,107.00
Griffith, KathleenCA126849UMOCC Paul Calabresi Award for Clincal Oncology--Child PortionK12301,319.00
Lipscomb, JaneOH009072Evaluation of Organization Justice Intervention to Alleviate TYPE III ViolenceR011,379,669.00
Nahm, Eun-ShimNR011296Dissemination of a Theory-Based Bone Health Program in Online CommunitiesR011,729,051.00
Nahm, Eun-ShimNR011296-03S1Diversity Research Supplement to "Dissemination of a Theory-Based Bone Health Program in Online Communities"R01107,092.00
Oswald, Lyn MDA022433Imaging Research on Impulsivity, Stress and Drug AbuseR012,941,929.00
Regan, Mary JessHD059074A Study of the Factors Influencing Women's Decisions about ChildbirthR21425,314.00
Regan, Mary JessNR014826Influence of Modifiable Factors on the Vaginal Microbiome and Preterm BirthR012,598,829.00
Ward, ChrisAR062554Stretch Dependent Signaling in Dystrophic Skeletal MuscleR01674,640.00
Wiegand, DebraNR010139Family Experience: End of Life for a Family Member with a Chronic IllnessR15225,000.00
Wiegand, DebraNR013721-01Preparing Families for the Dying ProcessR21422,125.00


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