Breakout Sessions

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10:30 - 11:45 a.m.

1A. Leading for Healthy Change: Getting Involved in Local, State, and National Initiatives (Panel)


  • Colleen Cusick, MBA, RN, CMRP
    Director, Materials Management and Chair
    Maryland Health Care Sustainability Leadership Council
    The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Holly Emmons, MPA, RD, LD
    Food Service Manager
    Food Leadership Council
  • Rebecca Ruggles
    Maryland Environmental Health Network
  • Seema Wadhwa, LEED AP
    Healthier Hospitals Initiative

Representatives from four regional and national health care sustainability initiatives will each provide an overview of their organization and highlight how conference attendees can learn more and get involved individually and as representatives of their organizations.

1B. Engaging Staff and Community

  • "Promoting Sustainable Practices Using Social Media"
    Patricia Broome
    Web Content Writer, Marketing and Corporate Communications
    LifeBridge Health

Discover how social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest can help you promote your sustainable practices and stay connected with your employees.

  • "Inspiring Healthier Staff and Environment Through Bike Friendly Practices"
    Charlotte Wallace
    Sustainability Coordinator
    Anne Arundel Medical Center

Motivated by the growing challenges of obesity and climate change, Anne Arundel Medical Center saw this collaborative work group as a win-win to inspire an increase in physical activity while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

  • "Creating a Comprehensive Sustainability Engagement Program"
    Carolyn Billetdeaux
    Sustainability Associate
    Inova Health System

This presentation explores the multi-pronged approach Inova has used to engage employees and other stakeholders in its sustainability program. It uses real-life examples to demonstrate the principles of engagement and explores both traditional and non-traditional outreach strategies.

1C. Reducing Toxic Exposures

  • "Integrated Pest Management: Teaching New Moms How to Protect Their Baby"
    Denise Choiniere MS, RN
    Director, Sustainability and Facilities Services
    University of Maryland Medical Center

The University of Maryland Medical Center took their Integrated Pest Management program to a new level and is now educating their patients about pest prevention strategies and the risks associated with pesticides. This presentation will discuss the benefits of such a program, steps taken to implement the pilot, stakeholders involved, challenges faced, and data collected.

  • "Greening While Cleaning"
    Juan De Jesus
    Director of Environmental Services
    MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center

This presentation will cover steps taken to transition the environmental services department into a greening champion of the hospital, including inventory control, green cleaners, reusable mops, and green cleaning methods. These efforts resulted in over $200,000 in savings.

  • "Transitioning to Safer Materials Through Purchasing"
    Joel Sigler
    Manager NEH&S Hub
    Kaiser Permanente

This presentation will provide an overview of Kaiser Permanente's approach to integrating safer chemicals criteria into purchasing processes. The presentation will also provide a summary of a number of safer chemical/purchasing success stories.

2:45 - 4 p.m.

2A. Creating Plans and Roadmaps

  • "The Path Toward Strategic Alignment: A System Wide Sustainability Roadmap"
    Rich Morgan
    Senior Director, Facilities and Real Estate at AtSite, Inc.
    On location at: Adventist HealthCare Facilities and Real Estate Dept. (FRED)

AHC was recently identified by the as the largest purchaser of green energy of any health care system in the U.S. EPA's Green Power Partnership and has implemented a strategy that has reduced carbon emissions by over 5,000 metric tons each year. How was that possible? And what's next?

  • "Creation of Hospital Wide Sustainability Master Plan"
    Kristian Hayes, MPH
    Assistant Director, General Services
    Johns Hopkins Medicine

    Trushar Champaneria, MHA
    Administrative Fellow
    Johns Hopkins Medicine

Creation of Hospital Wide Sustainability Master Plan will provide an overview of how Johns Hopkins Hospital utilized a strategic plan to refocus executives on the issue of sustainability. We will review the important pieces of a strategic plan and the best methods to build executive consensus around a sustainability plan.

2B. Providing Health Foods and Community Benefits

  • "Creating a Healthy Food IMPACT in the Hospital and Community"
    Carolyn Billetbeaux
    Sustainability Associate
    Inova Health System

    Robert Lazaro
    Community Affairs Executive
    Inova Health System

Inova's Sustainable Foods program promotes access to, knowledge about, and financial support of healthy, sustainable foods for employees, patients, visitors, and community members. This session explores Inova's approach to developing sustainable food-related programming, purchasing strategies, and community partnerships.

  • "Access to Wellness Through Community Gardening"
    Sharon Praissman, MS, CRNP
    Nurse Practitioner, Access To Wellness
    Community Psychiatry Program
    Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Background, method, and lessons learned of creating the JHBMC-CPP Community Garden will be addressed. The garden increases access to healthy food, provides the experience of cultivating our own food, reduces stigma of mental illness, and enhances our sense of community.

  • "Rethink Your Drink: Encouraging Healthier Beverage Choices"
    Denise Choiniere MS, RN
    Director, Facilities Services and Sustainability Manager
    University of Maryland Medical Center

    Pamela Mercer
    Education Specialist
    Medstar Physician Partners

Many health care institutions across the country have been phasing out or eliminating sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) from cafeterias and vending areas. UMMC chose to not eliminate SSBs, but to educate employees, patients, and visitors about the health impacts of consuming SSBs. This session will review the stakeholders and steps taken to implement the Rethink Your Drink campaign.

2C. Preparing for Climate Change

  • "Case Study of Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital"
    Alex Jaccaci MA, CHEP
    Corporate Improvement Facilitator
    Hypertherm Inc.

Climate change and related extreme events are creating an adaptation imperative for hospitals. This session will share Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital's approach to climate readiness and demonstrate that evaluating the risks of climate change serve as a catalyst for focused, greener sustainable action in hospitals.

  • Beth Stromenn
    Director, Office of Sustainability
    Baltimore City Department of Planning

Baltimore is developing a Climate Adaptation Plan to provide clear guidance to city government, businesses, and citizens for hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation that supports Baltimore's sustainability and resilience. The presentation will highlight key areas of focus and the plan process.

  • "Building Climate Resilience in Maryland"
    Zoe Johnson
    Program Manager, Climate Change Policy
    Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The presentation will focus on Maryland's long running efforts to research, plan, and prepare for the impacts of climate change and extreme events. An overview of Maryland's current efforts as they relate health, safety, and public welfare will be provided.