Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and the University of Maryland School of Nursing

Our Environment, Our Health: A Nurse's Call to Action — National Conference — June 7-8, 2010 — Baltimore, MD


June 9, 2010

9:00 am – 4:00 pm Post-Conference Workshops
  Session I
Building a Research Agenda for Environmental Health Nursing

Limited to the first 50 registrants
Registration Fee $35.00 (Includes continental breakfast, lunch and materials)

We are in a new era regarding environmental health in the U.S. and, in fact, globally. The critical relationship between the environment and human health is creating a need for better prepared health professionals. The profession of nursing, which is the largest group of health professionals and located throughout the community (in health care facilities, homes, schools, workplaces), is well positioned to lead efforts to improve the health of populations through actions through preventative action. However, research evidence is needed to guide these actions and document improved outcomes in all areas of nursing practice.

The purpose of this workshop is to develop a nursing research agenda and promote the use of evidence in the area of environmental health for the profession of nursing. The specific aims are to 1) Identify research questions and needs that can be satisfied by nurse researchers and formulate a research agenda, 2) Develop a plan to support nurse researchers at the faculty level and students at the pre and post-doctoral level, 3) Develop a plant to disseminate the research agenda broadly within the nursing research community, 4) Consider ways in which existing federal funding, and federally-funded environmental health research centers can better support nursing research capacity, 5) Make recommendations to federal funders on how they can support the prospective environmental health and nursing research agenda, and 6) Consider ways to enhance the dissemination of research findings to practicing nurses in order to increase the translation to practice.

  Session II
Environmental Health Nurse Advocates in Washington

Limited to the first 36 registrants
Registration Fee $35.00 (Includes continental breakfast, lunch and bus transportation to and from Washington, DC)

Nurses are fierce defenders of their patients’ and communities’ health. They are also articulate spokespeople and a powerful force as individuals and when working together. Nurses represent an emerging citizen group that is concerned about a range of environmental risks that are affecting human health. They are not just concerned; many times they are simply outraged by the lack of attention being paid to the grave environmental health threats that we are all facing. It is this concern and energy that this event seeks to capture and direct to create an exceptional voice for change in the environmental health arena. Participants of this event will attend a morning training session where they will learn about the legislative process, be briefed on two pending pieces of legislation, and role play a meeting with a legislator. They will then travel together to Washington, DC to share their position with policy makers.